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why buy local?

"This food is amazing. We had two very different functions in two days, and Paul handled them both magnificently. The two salads were gorgeous and absolutely delicious. He set the serving table with great care, and it impressed all the guests. We also had one of his punches - and that was a huge hit. Everything from presentation to menu selection to cooking to clean-up was extraordinary. We will definitely use Paul and Ne Me Quitte Pas Catering again."

Southestern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership

because it's better

Whenever possible Ne Me Quitte Pas works with local farms, farmers markets and smaller producers to find the finest and freshest ingredients.

In addition to supporting the economy of our community, buying local ensures the brightest boldest flavors from seasonal ingredients; it helps reduce harmful exhaust fumes produced when ingredients are transported from hundreds and even thousands of miles away; and it keeps our farmers in business so Massachusetts doesnít become over-developed throughout the years.

After all, why would anyone consider eating a tomato that was picked weeks before it was ripe and driven hundreds of miles in the back of a truck where it slowly ripens off-vine rendering the tomato nearly flavorless? Local farms can offer just-picked produce thatís chosen at its peak ripeness.

when you can't buy local make sure it's fresh

You only need to live through one New England winter to realize that you simply canít survive entirely on local produce. During the colder months Massachusetts is still brimming with hearty local favorites like potatoes and winter squashes, but for variety we still need to rely on the warmer climates for citrus and herbs, fruits and vegetables and grains and flowers.

At Ne Me Quitte Pas weíve worked very hard to find producers of not-very-local produce that we can trust completely.

planted just for you and your guests

One of our very favorite farms is Sun Grown Organics in San Diego, California. Every item we order is shipped to us in 24 hours or less from the time it was picked. Weíve placed orders for produce that Sun Grown planted just for us a couple weeks earlier. What could be more amazing than that? Fresh herbs and petite produce that was planted and tended just for you and your guests. Itís not very local, but itís incredibly fresh!

a list of farms

We recommend these sites for sourcing fresh produce and local ingredients:

Pioneer Valley Growers Association of Mass
Berkshire County Farms
Western Massachusetts Farms
Worcester County Farms
Northeast MA Farms
Metro Boston Farms
Southeastern MA Farms
Rhode Island Farms
Connecticut Farms
Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Parnershhip

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